Crane rental

Trailer and truck crane rental expert for 3 years.

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Loca Grue

For 3 years the company Loca Grue is specialized in the rental of towable crane and truck. The towable crane is rented with or without operator, for a period agreed in advance. The crane trucks are only rented with operator.

AHK 30/1500

The AHK 30/1500 model offered by Loca Grue is a flagship model providing stability, security and versatility. The equipment is easily accessible for hire.

AK 36/4000

The AK 36/4000 crane is mounted on an 8.6 t truck and convincing with optimal performance values ​​and high payloads. The extremely robust and closed aluminum mast profile of the AK 36/4000 crane ensures precise work.


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